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Master programme in Accounting and Management Control

This innovative and intellectually demanding programme takes on accounting and control issues from both a practical but also an interdisciplinary perspective in order to give insights into the practices of as well as the theories underpinning accounting and control. The programme is given in close co-operation with the research staff in accounting and not only prepares students for senior positions as accountants, controlers or project managers, but also for academic research in the field of accounting.

Master programme in Accounting & Management Controll at Stockholm Business School

Why study Accounting & Management Control?

Accounting is becoming an obligatory point of passage as societies are overwhelmed with measurements and accounts. Based on this empirical observation, the programme sets out to critically examine and analyze both financial accounting standards as well as control practices.

Accounting is a central area in the managing, governing and financing of modern organisations. The globalisation of financial markets and new developments in regulation and governance of organisations have contributed to an increased demand in expertise in accounting. This goes for both practice and research.

  • If you’re interested in accounting, you’ll love this programme! It’s fun and intellectually challenging.
  • The programme provides you with knowledge and skills in high demand among employers.
  • It integrates topics highly relevant for practice with a research perspective.

Programme information

What you will learn

Although part of the programme is devoted to simulate practices and to teach techniques, the overarching ambition is to develop an academic approach to accounting and control by introducing social theories and ideas of organizations and society.

During the third semester you can choose to do an internship, study abroad at one of our international partner universities or take elective courses at any other Swedish university.


Your future career

The programme provides a solid background for students pursuing a professional career in accounting, whether that be in accounting and auditing firms, multinational companies, financial institutions or government agencies. After graduation you will be well prepared to pursue a career in practice as well as in research. Please note that in order to become a certified auditor in Sweden, you will need to add courses, which can be done as part of the elective courses.

Please note, it is not possible for SBS students with a "Master´s degree in Sceince with a main filed of study in Accounting", to pursue another master degree with a main field of study in Accounting, through this program.

Eligibility requirements and selection of applicants

This programme requires a bachelor's degree and a minimum of 60 ECTS credits in Business Administration. The student must have a knowledge of English corresponding to English B/6.
The ranking and selection of master students is based on GMAT or GRE. Deadline to apply to this programme is January 15.


Programme overview

Semester 1

The programme for the first semester is conceptually and thematically organized and focuses on mandatory courses within accounting.

Course ECTS Rate of studies

Accounting in Action

7,5 100%

Business Analytics: Data, Models and Decisions 

7,5 100%

Financial Statement Analysis

7,5 100%

Accounting Theory and IFRS 

7,5 100%


Semester 2

During this semester we offer further courses in research, auditing and management control.

Course ECTS Rate of studie
Current Research in Accounting and Operations Management 7,5 100%
Advanced Research Methods in Accounting and Operations Management 7,5 100%
Auditing 7,5 100%
Management Control Systems in Private and Public sector 7,5 100%


Semester 3

During this semester you have several options- either stay at SBS, study at any other Swedish university or go abroad to take elective courses. You can also choose the Reflective Practice course that combines internship with academic work.

Course ECTS Rate of studies
Elective course 30 100%
Studies abroad at one of our international partners universities 30 100%

To enter the fourth semester and the degree project the student should have completed a minimum of 75 ECTS within the programme including 52,5 ECTS from the first year and the Research Method course.

Semester 4

The fourth semester consists of writing a master's dissertation, which is expected to be a scientific work with a contribution that advances research. Students are expected to write in pairs.

Course ECTS Rate of studies
Master´s Dissertation in Accounting 30 100%


How to apply

Read more about our application process and how to apply.


For more information about this programme, please contact our Academic Advisors.


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Swedish and International applicants

The program only have one admission round for all applicants. The online application opens October 15 and DEADLINE for ALL applicants is January 15!

Tuition fees

Our bachelor's and master's programmes are subject to a tuition fee for non EU/EEA students only. The fee is set at 90 000 SEK per academic year.

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