Semester 1

ECTS Rate of studies
Principles of Marketing 7,5 100%
Principles of Accounting 7,5 100%
Principles of Finance 7,5 100%
Principles of Management 7,5 100%

Semester 2

Political Science I (30 ECTS) 30 100%

Semester 3

Mandatory exchange semester - studies in Business Administration (30 ECTS) 30 100%

Semester 4

Political Science II (30 ECTS) 30 100%

Semester 5


Elective academic studies*, for exemple:

30 100%
Political Science III, including Bachelor's Thesis

Business Administration
Exchange semester

*Note: placement cannot be guaranteed in courses in other subjects than Business Administration.


Semester 6 - effective autumn 2017


Choose one of the following



Specialization Finance

Application code spring 2018: SU-31395

Special prerequisites: 15 credits in Statistics

Specialization Managerial Accounting

Application code spring 2018: SU-31392

Specialization Marketing

Application code spring 2018: SU-31394

Specialization Management

Application code spring 2018: SU-31393

Specialization Accounting/Auditing

Application code spring 2018: SU-31356

Special prerequisites: Swedish language proficiency


Degree requirements


Semester 1

During the first semester grounds are set within the Business Administration field of study. Courses focus on principles of the four major subject areas within the field and provides a solid base for further knowledge development.

Semester 2

In the second semester students take Political Science I. As a student in the Bachelor's programme in Business Administration and Political Science you are guaranteed a place in Political Science I and II within the programme, given that you have applied for each course through /

Semester 3

During the third semester students take courses in Business Administration (30 ECTS) at one of our partner universities abroad. More information about exchange studies 

Semester 4

Political Science II 

Enrolment in Political Science II (293 Kb)

Semester 5

During the fifth semester you can pursue your own study interest and choose from a wide range of elective courses at the university. You can even take your electives in Business Administration at SBS. You find an overview of the electives in Business Administration at SBS in autumn 2017 here:  Kursöversikt (379 Kb) . Students who wish to study Business electives at SBS should register via a web survey which is sent by e-mail to eligible students on March 15, 2017. The deadline for the survey in spring 2017 is April 17, 2017.

Students who wish to study other subjects than Business Administration during their elective semester are welcome to apply for such subjects via / Please note that no placement is guaranteed in other courses than Business Administration electives at SBS. 

Students who wish to obtain a degree of Bachelor of Science in Political Science should apply for the free-standing course Political Science III which includes a Bachelor's thesis. Students with Swedish language proficiency can also choose to apply for Political Science III in Swedish. For further information, please refer to the department of Political Science.

Semester 6 - from autumn 2017

As of autumn 2017, BAPS students will register for the sixth semester by applying for Business Administration III via The eligibility requirement is 120 credits, including 45 credits in Business Administration. Students who wish to major in Finance must also have taken 15 credits in Statistics. Please note: special application codes apply for BAPS students. The application codes for spring 2018 can be found in the above table. Students need to log in to / through the Stockholm University student portal to access the application for the course. In order to be guaranteed placement in their selected specialization, BAPS students must meet the eligibility requirements and apply for Business Administration III with the correct programme-specific code no later than October 16, 2017 for spring 2018.