Our Bachelor’s programme in Global Management combines studies in business administration and language to provide you with exciting global opportunities.

Why language and business?

Today it is becoming more and more common that employees are expected to speak more than one language.  Research indicates that multilingualism and economic competitiveness are closely linked and that enterprises with this asset perform better in their export markets. Understanding the local language also creates good opportunities for intercultural communication, which is of vital importance to the building and maintenance of business relationships. However, simply knowing a language is not enough, understanding business and international markets is also crucial. The combination of language and business skills hence gives a critical advantage to anyone interested in an international career.

What you will learn

This programme introduces you to the four main areas of business administration: accounting, finance, marketing and management, giving you a well-developed understanding of activities and processes within businesses and organisations. In addition to your business insights you will develop the language and communication skills required to succeed in a dynamic international setting. Language studies are not only about vocabulary, syntax and grammar. To deepen your understanding of the society in general, it is necessary to engage with cultural and literary studies.

Your future career

This education is particularly suitable for students who want to add an international dimension to their career profile. The combination of business and language makes graduates suitable for work internationally, but also for domestic positions with companies and organisations with international operations. Our graduates will end up working in many different sectors, both public and private, as business and language skills are attractive and applicable in a wide range of settings.

Which language should you choose?

During the second year of your studies, you will study one language. There are a range of different languages to choose between, and each of the languages have their own specific requirements. While some languages, such as English, require some prerequisites, other languages, such as Portuguse, are not expecting any prior knowledge. Please refer to "Prerequisites" below for further information. Please make sure not to choose your native language, since all of the languages are designed for non-native speakers.

Programme outline

Semester 1 & 2: You will study the four main areas of business administration: accounting, finance, marketing and management . These courses will provide you with broad understanding of different business topics and you will be trained to analyse and critically evaluate both theory and practice.
Semester 3 & 4: Language studies*.
Semester 5: Elective courses in any subject of your choice. We recommend courses in business administration at SBS or at a university abroad OR courses in or related to your language/area at Stockholm University or at a partner university abroad.
Semester 6: During the final semester you will take two courses at SBS and write a bachelor’s thesis.

* Please note that applicants who do not have Swedish language proficiency can only choose English, French, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish. Applicants with Swedish language proficiency can choose one of the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Degree requirements

Prerequisites and application

The prerequisites vary depending on what language you choose. Please follow the below links for more information and application links.

Language specialisations that do not require knowledge of Swedish:

Additional language specialisations open for Swedish speakers:

Welcome to your multilingual future!