SBS students have different options to acquire an international experience during the studies at the University.


SBS exchange study programme

Central (university-wide) exchange study programme

Free mover

Minor Field Studies

Internship abroad


Information meetings about international studies

If you are interested in knowing more about the exchange programmes and the process before you apply then you are welcome to join one of the information meetings.

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Most SBS-students have the opportunity to study abroad through our exchange agreements with partner universities around the world. We are partnered with roughly 100 partners in Europe, Asia, North- and South America and Oceania. Exchange studies are not subject to tuition fees, but additional administrative fees and living costs may apply. A list of available vacancies at partner universities is published on the Application website each semester. Please note that we do not send students to all our partners each term, so be sure to check the list for your specific semester before you apply.


Stockholm University offers all students that fulfil the pre-requsites the possibility to apply for  exchange studies through the central exchange agreements. For more information about application periods and processes for the university-wides agreements see following site. The central agreements are all outside of Europe. 

NOTE! that the pre-reuisites and the application varies between SBS exchange programme and the Central university-wide agreements.


If you want to study at a university that does not have a partnership agreement with SBS you can apply as a “free mover”. Students who apply as free movers cover the application fee and tuition fees themselves, and are responsible to handle the visa applications on their own. it is the applicant who is responsible for contacting the host university about pre-requisites for courses, the application process and deadlines.


Do you want to write your thesis overseas? Stockholm University students have the opportunity to apply for a Sida-funded Minor Field Studies-scholarship. Are you interested in applying for the Minor Field Studies (MFS) scholarship? Here you will find instructions on how to apply for the MFS-scholarship.

NOTE! The MFS  scholarship is for students who are reaching the end of their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and want to gather material for their degree essay on-site, in a developing country. Since MFS is part of the thesis it is important for SBS students that they have had close contact with a thesis supervisor before applying for the scholarship.


All international experience leads to new knowledge and experiences. You come into contact with different environments and meet new people and get to know new country and new culture. Master students have the opportunity to practice in Sweden or abroad within the course Reflective Practice. On bachelor level students cannot include an internship in your programme (= give points), however can in some cases be entered as a note in the Diploma Supplement in the degree. 

Both bachelor and master students at Stockholm University, have the opportunity to apply for funding to complete an internship at a company or organisation in any country that participates in the Erasmus+ programme.  There are three types of Erasmus+ Traineeship; Embedded in the study programme, outside of your ordinary study programme, for example summer internship and recent graduate. See more information about the Erasmus+ traineeship on the following site


Please send your questions to us via email: for assistance.