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Anders Parment

Anders Parment - researcher, professional lecturer and generation expert

As a Doctor of Science in Business and Economics, senior lecturer and researcher, Anders Parment has many different roles and a long list of qualifications. He loves lecturing and likes all his students, but would rather not mark exams. Meet Anders, who is passionate about business administration and SBS: “I have ended up in just the right place. Both research and teaching are important here.”

Susanna Molander

Susanna Molander investigates our consumption

After many years in the marketing/advertising industry, Susanna started to do research in order to find out why people consume the way they do, based on an ethnological perspective. In her dissertation, she wrote about single mothers and the everyday dinner, and she currently works primarily with men’s parenting and aspects related to consumption.

Tommy Jensen

Tommy Jensen - the singing professor

Tommy Jensen is a professor in business administration. As a researcher, he studies issues related to ethics, morality, and responsibility. His latest research project "Organizing Rocks" has resulted in two albums where reflections and experiences are communicated through music.

Ian Richardson

Ian Richardson - a business leader in academia

Before entering the academic world Ian Richardson managed a number of businesses in the publishing and internet sectors and he uses his experience to give students a more realistic view by presenting a more critical picture. However, this does not stop him from encouraging his students to act on opportunities: - So many opportunities are about motivation and “doing”.

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