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Wikipedia is a well-used source of knowledge. Its reputation has also become better within the academy and formal education, not only being the everyday target for looking up things. However, in order for Wikipedia to be used to its full potential, we must know both how it functions, how we can work with it in a source critical manner, and how we ourselves can contribute to the medium.

Welcome to a workshop on teaching and learning with Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching (CeUL).

This workshop is aimed for teachers at Stockholm University who wants to learn how to use Wikipedia as a valuable tool for teaching and learning. 

About the workshop

Having a better understanding of Wikipedia and its functions is something that our students would benefit from, and therefore, we must create assignments connected to Wikipedia and its sister platforms. Not only teaching the principles of the platform or the manners of looking at revision history, talk pages and sources, but also how to edit articles, upload pictures to Wikimedia Commons and translate excellent articles from different languages using the built-in tools.

In this workshop we will get a grasp of how Wikipedia and its sister projects function, but the main focus will lie on how you can design assignments with Wikipedia, incorporating the platform into your education.


November 24 2020 at 13—16
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E-meeting in Zoom, to participate in the workshop you will need:

Workshop leader Christophe Premat, Department of Romance Studies and Classics. Pedagogical ambassador, 2018, CeUL and Josefine Hellroth Larsson, Wikimedia Sverige
Litterature / Preparations


Martin Poulter, & Nick Sheppard. (2020). Wikimedia and universities: contributing to the global commons in the Age of Disinformation.Insights:TheUKSGJournal,33(1).


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