The School Board 

The Board has the overall responsibility for scope and quality when it comes to SBS’s mission: research, education, and collaboration. Adopts the School’s strategy, operational plan, budget, and guidelines on how to organise the work. The members of the Board are elected for a three-year period. The Head and Deputy Head are permanent members. The student representatives change every year after the association elections.

Permanent members

Deputy members

Maria FrostlingHead

Christian Maravelias, Deputy Head

Carl Cederström

Gunilla Eklöv Alander

Hans Rämö

Li Malmström

Roland Almqvist

Charlotte Lindén Ahmad

Linda Kjellman

Fredrik Svärdsten

Svante Schriber

Vladimir Vešovic 



Student Representatives

Alexander Riese 
Christoph Baldauf 
Emilia Ericsson
Frida Johansson
Xiang Yu 



Education Committee

Research Education Committee


Management Team

Maria Frostling

Deputy Head
Christian Maravelias

Head of Research, Associate Head
Lars Nordén

Strategic Management Group
Advisory Board



Finance    Head of Section: Ai Jun Hou
Professor Representative: Lars Nordén

Head of Section: Rickard Grassman
Professor Representative: Karin Berglund


Head of Section: Fredrik Nordin
Professor Representative: Jakob Östberg

Accounting Head of Section: Susanne Weinberg
Professor Representative: Thomas Hartman