The autumn semester 2017 the new Bachelor´s Programme in Business Administration was given for the first time. It's realy nice to see a great interest in our Bachelor´s Programme in Business Administration, says Maria Frostling, head of the Stockholm Business School.

She explains that the idea behind the change in the Bachelor´s Programme was to provide a current education that integrated sustainability in all courses at the introductory semester and at the continuing level in the programme.

Before, only some courses dealt with sustainability issues. The current structure of the programme means that when students read the four subjects Accounting, Marketing, Finance and Organization, mandatory elements that deal with sustainability are included, from ecological and environmental aspects to human rights and ethics.
We are pleased that sustainability issues interests our students and future decision makers, Maria Frostling concludes.

Three other programmes at Stockholm Business School, the Bachelor´s programmes in International Business and Politics, Economics and IT and in Marketing Communication are also included in the list of the 12 most sought-after programmes at Stockholm University.

Vladimir Vešović, who is the administrative head of the Stockholm Business School, says that even in previous years with lower search pressures, Business Administration programmes at the department have been among the most sought after educations at the Stockholm University. Vladimir believes that what we now see are the effects of both covid-19 and labor market movements.

The fact that the search pressure in previous years has been lower may be due to demographic changes combined with an economy at high speed and a labor market that was very favorable. Despite a reduction in the number of international applicants for our Bachelor´s Programme in International Business and Politics for the autumn term, the total number of international applicants for the whole of SBS remains high.