The event was arranged for the second time where students from both the Bachelor programs and the Master programs participated. This time, relatives were invited.
The program started with song of a choir from Adolf Fredrik's music classes while fan bearer from Föreningen Ekonomerna stepped onto the stage.

Christian Maravelias, professor and head of department, held a welcome speech followed by speech by Eva Wittbom, assistant professor, and Emma Axelsson, chairman of Föreningen Ekonomerna.
Several different awards were awarded to students with good study results. Two collaborators for SBS, Ericsson and the Marginalen Bank also awarded a prize to students at the Master's programs in Finance and Operation management.

In conclusion, Tommy Jensen, professor and musician, led the song Rockin in the Free World by Neil Young. After the ceremony in the auditorium, all students and relatives were invited to mingle in the foyer of Aula Magna.

Fanbärare från Föreningen Ekonomerna
Fan carrier from Föreningen Ekonomerna.
Adolf Fredriks musikklasser
Initial song by Adolf Fredrik's music classes.







Kvällens konferencierer Anna Lönnberg och Kicki Gabrielsson
Conferences Anna Lönnberg and Kicki Gabrielsson.
Välkomsttal av Christian Maravelias
Welcome speech by Professor Christian Maravelias.











Eva Wittbom håller tal
Speech by Assistant Professor Eva Wittbom.
Föreningen Ekonomernas ordförande Emma Axelsson avtackas
Föreningen Ekonomernas chairman Emma Axelsson is thanked.











Stipendier och diplom delades ut till studenter med goda studieresultat
Scholarships and diplomas were awarded to students with good study results.
Marginalen bank
Martina Åkerlund, Head of Commercial at Marginalen Bank, awarded prize to two students.












Sing along with professor Tommy Jensen
Ai Jun Hou
Associate professor Ai Jun Hou give diploma to graduate master students











Avslutande mingel för studenter och anhöriga
Mingle for students and relatives











Awarded students

SBS Bachelor Student Award 2019 – was given to Matilda Knuts
SBS Master Award in Marketing 2019 – was given to Jannatul Ferdousi
SBS Master Award in Management 2019 – was given to Lorenzo Nilson
SBS Master Award in Accounting 2019 – was given to Erica Laakso
SBS Master Award in Marketing Communication & Fashion 2019 – was given to Ksenia Rundin

To hand out two special awards to encourage and reward studies on advanced level, were two of SBS loyal partners.
The Marginalen Bank Master Award 2019, consisting of 10.000 SEK – was presented by Head of Commercial at Marginalen Bank, Martina Åkerlund, and award winners were Oskar Jonjons & Hanna Söderberg at Master program in Banking & Finance.
The Ericsson Master Award 2019 – was presented by Fredrik Taube and the winner was Emelie Nordlander at Master program in Operations Management & Control.