"The Covid-19 pandemic has provided a unique opportunity for research community in social science to revisit some of the taken-for-granted assumptions to improve our theories", explained Professor Tony Fang, the initiative-taker of EMIC.

Some 40 researchers from nine countries attended the 5th EMIC this year. Professors such as Karin Berglund, Xiao-Ping Chen, Jeremy Clegg, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Tony Fang, Pervez Ghauri, John Hassler, Li Ma, Alexey Maslov, Yadong Luo, Klaus Meyer, Hans Ingvar Roth, Jeffrey D. Sachs, Fredrik Tell, Rosalie Tung, Ivo Zander, Suisheng Zhao, and so on, spoke at the conference.

Founded in 2016, EMIC is a Stockholm University-based interdisciplinary inspiration conference that focuses on fresh ideas for future research initiatives. Scholars from international business, management, economics, political science, climatology, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and so on, gather together in Stockholm every spring to discuss burning research issues from a glocal perspective.

For more information please contact: tony.fang@sbs.su.se