Karen Verduyn och Karin Berglund
Karen Verduyn and Karin Berglund

Revitalizing Entrepreneurship Education (Karin Berglund, Karen Verduyn) aims to provide a compilation of how insights from Social Sciences more generally have, via Critical Entrepreneurship Studies (CES), entered our classrooms. 

There is nowadays a range of approaches in the academic landscape in which entrepreneurship is dressed up in new ‘outfits’. With these ‘alternative’ entrepreneurships follows the construction of a moral entrepreneurship/entrepreneur, that is to be brought more in line to (understandings of) societal developments. Bringing this awareness into the classroom calls for the revitalization of some of EE’s extant approaches. It calls for developing new, fresh and challenging approaches. 

The authors in this volume work with issues such as reflexivity, gender, the entrepreneurial self, responsibility, awareness, creativity and vulnerability to move both themselves and students. The individual chapters in the book offer inspirational examples of adopting other pedagogical approaches, and of how they (continuously) revitalize their educational endeavours. 

–We hope the contributions in this book will reach Entrepreneurship Educators all around the world and that they can help to ignite a spark, and to bring something new to their interactions with students; the decision-makers of all our futures, said Karin Berglund, professor at Stockholm Business School. 

Several of SBS's researchers participate in the book (Birgitta Schwartz, Jessica Lindbergh, Anna Wettermark), as well as four of our master students participate in one of the chapters.

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