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De 50 senaste publikationerna i DiVA

Författare Titel År
Arnaud Tognetti, Evelina Thunell, Marta Zakrzewska,
et al.
Discriminating between sick and healthy faces based on early sickness cues : an exploratory analysis of sex differences 2023
Per Carlbring
Vad kommer AI och virtual reality innebära för den kliniska psykologin i framtiden? 2023
Per Carlbring
From Face-to-Face to Cyberspace : The Future of Mental Health Treatments 2023
Johanna Schwarz, Malin Freidle, Wessel van Leeuwen,
et al.
Sleep in everyday life – relationship to mood and performance in young and older adults : a study protocol 2023
Paolo d'Onofrio, Susanna Jernelöv, Ann Rosén,
et al.
The Polysomnographical Meaning of Changed Sleep Quality : A Study of Treatment with Reduced Time in Bed 2023
Linda Falth, Heidi Selenius, Christina Sand,
et al.
Decoding intervention for young students with mild intellectual disabilities : A single-subject design study 2023
Emma A. Renstrom, Anna Lindqvist, Amanda Klysing,
et al.
Personal pronouns and person perception - Do paired and nonbinary pronouns evoke a normative gender bias? 2023
Jefferson Souza Santos, Debra Jean Skene, Cibele Aparecida Crispim,
et al.
Seasonal and Regional Differences in Eating Times in a Representative Sample of the Brazilian Population 2023
Björn Philips, Peter Lilliengren
Psykodynamisk psykoterapi bör starkt rekommenderas 2023
Torbjörn Åkerstedt, Johanna F. A. Schwarz, Jenny Theorell-Haglöw,
et al.
What do women mean by poor sleep? A large population-based sample with polysomnographical indicators, inflammation, fatigue, depression, and anxiety 2023
Alexander Rozental, David Forsström, Magnus Johansson
A psychometric evaluation of the Swedish translation of the Perceived Stress Scale : a Rasch analysis 2023
Gro Janne H. Wergeland, Åshild T. Haaland, Krister W. Fjermestad,
et al.
Predictors of school-based cognitive behavior therapy outcome for youth with anxiety 2023
Marta Stragà, Clara Miani, Timo Mäntylä,
et al.
Into the wild or into the library? Perceived restorativeness of natural and built environments 2023
Christian Scharf, Erik Berntson
Managerial prerequisites - typical work situations for public sector managers and their relationship with well-being and leadership 2023
Martin Brattmyr, Martin Schevik Lindberg, Jakob Lundqvist,
et al.
Clinically representative therapy for Nordic adult outpatients with common mental health problems : A systematic review and meta-analysis 2023
Tina Sundelin, Shane Landry, John Axelsson
Is snoozing losing? Why intermittent morning alarms are used and how they affect sleep, cognition, cortisol, and mood 2023
Hanna Björlin Avdic, Claes Strannegård, Hedvig Engberg,
et al.
Reduced effects of social feedback on learning in Turner syndrome 2023
Mariola Zapater-Fajari, Patricia Diaz-Galvan, Nira Cedres,
et al.
Biomarkers of Alzheimer's Disease and Cerebrovascular Disease in Relation to Depressive Symptomatology in Individuals With Subjective Cognitive Decline 2023
Caroline Arvidsson, Johanna Sundström, Julia Uddén
Why the GPT task of predicting the next word does not suffice to describe human language production : A conversational fMRI-study 2023
Torubarova Ekaterina, Caroline Arvidsson, Julia Uddén,
et al.
Investigating Conversational Dynamics in Human-Robot Interaction with fMRI 2023
Caroline Arvidsson, Torubarova Ekaterina, Pereira André,
et al.
Conversational production and comprehension: fMRI-evidence reminiscent of the classic Broca-Wernicke model 2023
Helen Egerhag, Heidi Selenius, Linda Falth,
et al.
Decoding intervention for L2 students in Sweden : A single-subject design study 2023
Amy R. Gordon, Johan N. Lundström, Bruce A. Kimball,
et al.
Human scent as a first-line defense against disease 2023
Otto Simonsson, Walter Osika, Cecilia U. D. Stenfors,
et al.
Longitudinal associations between psychedelic use and meditation practices in the United States and the United Kingdom 2023
Matilda Frick, Hugo Hesser, Edmund Sonuga-Barke
Pervasive versus situational childhood ADHD : latent classes and their clinical characteristics, based on parent and teacher ratings in a large longitudinal population sample 2023
Shanshan Xiao, Natalie C. Ebner, Amirhossein Manzouri,
et al.
Age-dependent effects of oxytocin in brain regions enriched with oxytocin receptors 2023
Alexander Rozental, Gerhard Andersson, Per Carlbring,
et al.
Jonas Ramnerö : in memoriam 2023
Esha Lopes, Gagan Jain, Per Carlbring,
et al.
Talking Mental Health : a Battle of Wits Between Humans and AI 2023
Emma Liljestad, Mårten Hammarlund, Tommie Forslund
Synen på att personer med intellektuell funktionsnedsättning blir föräldrar, har histo­riskt gått från negativ till att värna individens rättigheter 2023
Robert Persson Asplund, Fernanda Carvallo, Hanna Christensson,
et al.
Learning how to recover from stress : Results from an internet-based randomized controlled pilot trial 2023
Kimmo Sorjonen, Michael Ingre, Bo Melin,
et al.
Unmasking artifactual links : A reanalysis reveals No direct causal relationship between self-esteem and quality of social relations 2023
Li Åslund, Susanna Jernelöv, Eva Serlachius,
et al.
Internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy for adolescents with insomnia : Feasibility and preliminary efficacy 2023
Andrzej Werbart, Ulf Rådberg, Isa Holm,
et al.
The meaning and feeling of the time and space between psychotherapy sessions and everyday life : Client experiences of transitions 2023
Magnus Sverke, Isabelle Ferré Hernandez, Anna Sofia Tanimoto,
et al.
Can unions represent the interests of insecure workers? 2023
Marta Witkowska, Michał Bilewicz, Sabina Čehajić-Clancy
Interventions Based on Moral Exemplars 2023
Azadé Azad, Johanna Carlsson
Identity status and narrative identity processes in female adolescents' stories about committing crimes and being convicted 2023
Ann-Sophie Lindqvist Bagge, Mats Lekander, Roger Olofsson Bagge,
et al.
Mental health, stress, and well-being measured before (2019) and during (2020) COVID-19 : a Swedish socioeconomic population-based study 2023
Martine W. F. T. Verhees, Anna M. Lotz, Marleen H. M. de Moor,
et al.
Effects of a Soft Baby Carrier on Fathers’ Behavior and Hormones : A Randomized Controlled Trial 2023
Jörgen Lehmivaara, Pehr Granqvist
Attachment and socialized religion within the Læstadian revival movement 2023
Iuliia Pavlova, Steven Krauss, Breeda Mcgrath,
et al.
Individual and contextual predictors of young Ukrainian adults' subjective well-being during the Russian–Ukrainian war 2023
Xiao Tan, Torbjörn Åkerstedt, Ylva Trolle Lagerros,
et al.
Interactive association between insomnia symptoms and sleep duration for the risk of dementia – a prospective study in the Swedish National March Cohort 2023
Arnaud Tognetti, Megan N. Williams, Nathalie Lybert,
et al.
Humans can detect axillary odor cues of an acute respiratory infection in others 2023
Anders Sjöberg, Martin Grill
A validity study of a work sample test of leadership behavior using supervisor and subordinate ratings as criteria 2023
Simon B. Goldberg, Shufang Sun, Per Carlbring,
et al.
Selecting and describing control conditions in mobile health randomized controlled trials : a proposed typology 2023
Anton Käll, Cecilia Olsson Lynch, Kajsa Sundling,
et al.
Scheduled Support Versus Support on Demand in Internet-Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder : Randomized Controlled Trial 2023
Willemijn Scholten, Adrie Seldenrijk, Adriaan Hoogendoorn,
et al.
Baseline Severity as a Moderator of the Waiting List–Controlled Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy With Symptom Change in Social Anxiety Disorder : A Systematic Review and Individual Patient Data Meta-analysis 2023
Daniel Kim-wan Young, Per Carlbring, Petrus Yat-nam Ng,
et al.
Low-intensity online mindfulness-based intervention for university students with anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic - A randomized controlled trial with 3-month follow-up 2023
Yi Ting Daphne Cheng, Kim Wan Daniel Young, Per Carlbring,
et al.
Validation of a Chinese Short Version of the Kentucky Inventory of Mindfulness Skills (KIMS-17) Among People Recovering from Mental Illness 2023
Daphne Y. T. Cheng, Daniel K. W. Young, Per Carlbring,
et al.
Facilitating Personal Recovery Through Mindfulness-Based Intervention Among People With Mental Illness 2023
Torun Lindholm, Ola Svenson, Freja Isohanni,
et al.
Motivated errors in the face of facts 2023