A thesis celebration for all students and alumni who have completed their bachelor's or master's theses with us during the study year 2019 and spring 2020, will be held with a reception at the Department of Statistics. This year the reception will be visited by associate professor Chun-Biu Li, from the Department of Mathematics. Together associate professor Chun-Biu Li and professor Mattias Villani will have a talk about the interdisciplinary field of statistics/machine learning and its uses.

The thesis celebration takes place in the Autumn of 2020. Everyone who have completed their bachelors'- or master's theses in statistics during the study year 2019 or spring 2020 are welcome, on Friday the 23rd of October, in D499. There will be cake and sparkling wine!

This thesis celebration we will not be meeting at the Department lounge, since we want to be able to spread out in the room and keep a good distance. But we still want to meet our alumni, celebrate your results and keep in touch with you!

“How can the field of Machine Learning catalyze change within the field of Statistics?”

Before the mingle with sparkling wine and cake, associate professor Chun-Biu Li and professor Mattias Villani will talk about how Machine Learning can create new possiblities in statistics. The seminar will open up for a conversation between both professors and the audience, and there will be good opportunities for raising questions.

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At the latest on October 19th. Are you one of our alumni and have completed your bachelor's or master's thesis during 2019-20? Sign up for the event!

Please notify if you have any dietary restrictions.

Hope to see you there!

We are also looking forward to meeting our alumni and hear about what you are working with now! /Teachers, student counselor and personel at the Department of Statistics