When: 30 september, 2020, kl. 13-14
Where: This seminar is given online. E-mail Dan Hedlin if you want to attend.


Decision-making systems incorporating elements of AI are determining a large amount of human interaction with the digital environment: they determine the music people listen to, the news feeds people receive, the content people see, the partners that are suggested, the jobs sought, the diagnosis of disease and whether people will be granted credit, to mention but a few.

This technology is a powerful tool and for all the many associated societal benefits, there are accompanying dangers. For example, it is a ‘black box’ lacking any meaningful transparency, it is far from an exact science although many rely on it as if it is and it is increasingly challenging many societal values which are reflected in legal concepts, such as the ‘rule of law’. This talk will examine what AI is, highlight some of its applications in society and briefly illuminate some legal concerns it raises.