What’s the point of taking part in a student council?
•    Earn 600 – 2000 kr per meeting as a student representative
•    Great to put on your CV
•    Opportunity to influence your education
•    Socialize with fellow students

Foto: Henrik Berglund/Familjen.

Every department at Stockholm University should have a Student council which represents the interests of students and which nominates remunerated representatives to the decision-making and preparatory bodies of the department. For this reason, we (The student Union Office) call to a start-up meeting for a new Student council at the Department of Statistics where all interested students are welcome to attend.

Start-up meeting

Time: 12.00-14.00
Date: 27 January
: Zoom – link to be mailed out upon registering
Language of the meeting: English if necessary, otherwise Swedish
Send an email to studentombud@sus.su.se  if you would like to attend the meeting or if you want more information. We will then send you the zoom link so you can join. Let us know if you are interested in becoming a part of the board or a student representative. It would be great if you could inform us which course you currently study and for how long you are planning to study at the department. No prior experience needed and no commitment is binding.
During the meeting we will:
•    Appoint remunerated representatives to the different decision-making and preparatory bodies of the department.
Read more about the representative positions in the attached document.
•    Appoint a board
Read more about the different board positions in the attached document.
•    Inform about how and where you can influence your education
Read more about student councils on our website https://www.sus.su.se/pverka-din-studietid  (in Swedish).

See you at the meeting, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!

/ Student and PhD student ombudsmen at the Stockholm university student union, studentombud@sus.su.se