Lars joined the Department of Statistics as a student in the 1960’s, an endeavor that eventually resulted in his doctoral thesis ”Control of the coding operation in statistical investigations - some contributions” from 1981, supervised by the late Prof. Tore Dalenius.

While studying Lars had already in 1966 started his career at Statistics Sweden (SCB).  He was later affiliated as Adjunct Professor with our department for six years, 2003 – 2009. After retiring from a long and immensely productive career at Statistics Sweden, i.a. as head of research, he continued as part-time Senior Lecturer at our department between 2010 – 2015. During this period he also served as mentor and senior advisor to the department’s then Head of the department.

During these years with the department he taught and supervised in his favorite areas such as Survey Quality and Multicultural and Multiregional Surveys and inspired many young students to pursue studies and research in those areas. We also benefited from his rich international network and experience to invite seasoned scholars to give seminars and workshops in their respective areas. Over the years, Lars won international recognition, including through the 2018 award "Award for Exceptionally Distinguished Achievement" from AAPOR.

During this long period of close contact we all came to enjoy his generosity, humor, and passion for statistics in general and survey quality in particular. Lasse will be greatly missed by his close colleagues and friends at the department and the scientific community at large.

Lars Lyberg (Fonus)

In Memoriam - AAPOR