The examination dates are unchanged for the home exams. Extra time will be added in addition to the examination time, for the electronical hand in of the examinations. Please note that no exams that are handed in late will receive a grade.
Detailed instructions on how to do the exams (where to download it and how to submit) will be e-mailed and announced on Athena. Be sure to monitor your e-mail, Athena and our web.

Instructions for home exams, spring 2021 (70 Kb)

-> Make sure that you have registered the correct e-mail address in Ladok and Athena etc. so you don't miss important information, or the home exam.

-> The home exams will be anonymous so you need to sign up for the exam one week in advance as usual, so that we will be able to administere the anonymous codes. If you were already signed up for the exam, you don't have to sign up again for the home exam.

-> Please note that all exams are scanned for any kind of cheating, deceiving or forbidden means of assistance. Suspected cheating will be reported to the discipinary board and can lead to suspension. Please read the instructions on the exam and the rules for exams on Stockholm University thoroughly, so that you will know what is allowed on your exam.

See which type of examaniation your course has here: Online studies Spring 2021.