In the following webpages you will find useful information about getting a job in Sweden:

  1. The national government agency for placement service, “Arbetsförmedlingen”, has information about working in Sweden. They also have a search engine for job ads. If you use English when you use the search engine, you will find current ads in English. And if the ad is in English, you probably don’t have to know Swedish to be interesting to the employer.
  2. There are also other sites in English for the Swedish job market, such as Stepstone, The local and Academic work.

But you do benefit from learning Swedish if you want to find a job in Sweden. There is more information about studying Swedish here.

The Student Union has a very informative website for international students, where you among many other things find information about career opportunities.

Learn more at The official gateway to Sweden

An advice from former international students who did find job in Sweden is to get a foot in the door. Don’t be too particular about the first job, but rather get a job as a first stepping stone. (This does not mean, however, that you should take ANY job: find yourself an honest employer who is worthy of you.) Always take references from your employers, this helps you a lot in your further job searching.

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