Computer literacy is essential today, as we make extensive use of the computer for practical multivariate data analysis. In this course you will be using the statistical software R and SAS. Matrix algebra is used through the course as a necessary tool for the inference, as well as computer sessions. You will be given an overview about necessary concepts from matrix algebra useful for the course. The concepts that are more thoroughly treated in the course are: Matrix algebra and multivariate normal distribution. Confirmatory factor analysis. Multivariate analysis of variance. Discriminant analysis. Structural equation models.

Special eligibility requirements: 90 ECTS credits in Statistics or equivalent. Mathematics for Economic and Statistical Analysis, first cycle, 7,5 ECTS credits, or equivalent. Swedish upper secondary school course English B or equivalent.
Language: English

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Teachers Spring semester 2020

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Tatjana von Rosen

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Azadeh Chizarifard

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