Probability theory is the foundation for the understanding and use of statistical methods. It providesbackground theory that enables the use of models to describe and analyse various phenomena thatcharacterized by random variations.

With this course you will develop your understanding of the basis of probability theory and its implications for statistical inference, you will get an in-depth understanding develop skills of use within the field of statistics.

The course addresses various axiom systems and probability spaces, multivariate distributions, transformations, conditional random variables, hierarchical models, characteristic functions, different forms of convergence and limit theorems.

The course provides a solid base for the progression of studies on advanced level, and for the student who wants to go on with research studies in statistics.

Special eligibility requirements: Bachelors’ Degree including at least 90 ECTS credits in Statistics or equivalent.
Language: English

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Teachers autumn 2019

Course coordinator

Andriy Andreev

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Teaching assistant

Oscar Oelrich
Azadeh Chizarifard