The course provides basic knowledge of the planning and execution of statistical research and its selection methods. You will learn how to locate data sources, and to utilize suitable the data as a basis for statistical decision making. You will also learn the basics for constructing a questionnaire and how to present the results. The course gives you an introduction in how to identify, solve and interpret elementary statistical problems with economic applications.
The course forms part of the Bachelor's Programme in Business Administration, but you can also study it as a freestanding course.

Prerequisites and special admittance requirements: Swedish upper secondary school courses English B, Mathematics C and Social Sciences A or equivalent.

Language: English.

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Course information

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Teachers spring 2020

Course coordinator

Ulf Högnäs

You will find Ulf's reception hours in the link above. If you want to visit Ulf outside of his reception hours, you are welcome to e-mail him for an appointment.

Teaching assistants

Group 1:
Group 2:
Group 3: Susy Caraza
Group 4: Susy Caraza
Group 5: Susy Caraza
Group 6: Anna Stenkvist
Group 7: Anna Stenkvist
Group 8: Anna Stenkvist

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