- What benefits did you get during your studies, from being active in the student council at the Department of Statistics?

  1. Studenter. Foto: Eva Sahlin.
    Being active in the student union made the student life richer. Through the student council, we got to know students from different levels and courses. The student council and student union also takes part in the decision making process at the Department and at Stockhom University.
  2. We would help each other out with our studies. We could ask each other and prepare better for courses and exams.
  3. We could also loan books from each other, especially since all of us did not take the same course at the same time.
  4. As members of the student council it was easier to take contact with companies and ask for guided tours and visits. Together we could find out information about jobs and the labor market.
  5. There are part time jobs at the Department of Statistics for members of the student council. For instance you get paid to take part in the board meetings.

- How did your days in the student council help you find a job after your studies?We formed a great contact network togehter! It matters a lot when you search for jobs, that you got to know your fellow students.

  1. Studenter, möte. Foto: Niklas Björling.
    Being active in the student union also meant that you got to test different roles of responsibility. This is also something that employers look at.
  2. For instance, you get trained in how to hold a meeting with a protocol and take minutes.
  3. There are even more so called Soft skills, that employers appriciate to see in your CV, that you gain from the student council: Group communication, how to communicate with management, to understand hierarchy and different roles, to work with different objectives and according to agreements and to take responsibility and to argue for your cause.
  4. Last but not least, you gain skills in leading projects, or how to be a project manager!

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