The Student Council is represented in the Department Board, and in other staff work groups.

All students are welcome to join the Student Council meetings, which are announced at our website under "Events".

If you want to contact them, they answer at

And the Facebook-page:

Positions in a Student Council


The chairperson has the overall responsibility for the student council staying active and on the right track. This can mean being the contact person for the Student Union, convening meetings, putting together an agenda and arranging a meeting room.

Vice Chairperson

The vice chairperson supports the chairperson. If the chairperson is absent or unable to carry out all of their tasks, the duties of the post are carried out by the vice chairperson.


The treasurer has the overall responsibility for the finances, which, for example, means that they apply for council funding and activity funding from the Student Union. It is also common practice that the treasurer buys tea, coffee and snacks for the meetings, and keeps track of all expenses by documenting them.


The secretary takes notes during the meeting and writes the minutes of the meeting. They make sure that information regarding the minutes and important events are available to the Student Union and the students.

Student representative positions at the Department of Statistics

Department board (Institutionsstyrelse)

•    Language: Swedish
•    Meetings per semester: 4-5
•    Student representative positions: 2 ordinary, 2 suppliants

The department board is the highest decision-making body at the department.  Here, decisions are taken that affects the whole department

Group for study environment and equal opportunities (Rådet för arbetsmiljö och lika villkor, RALV)

•    Language: Swedish
•    Meetings per semester: 2-3
•    Student representative positions: 1 study environment and equality officer and 1 suppliant

This body discuses questions regarding study environment and equality at the department.

Education sub committee (Utbildningsnämnden för grund- och avancerad nivå (UNGA)

•    Language: Swedish
•    Student representative positions: 1 ordinary, 1 suppliant
•    Meetings per semester: 2-3

This body discuses questions and drafts decisions that affects the education at first- and second cycle courses.