The statistical programming club is a community created for students who are passionate about the world of statistics and all its exciting applications. The aim of the club is to give students an interactive space where they can learn new programming skills, solve problems, exchange ideas and finally become comfortable with programming.

All students studying at the Department of Statistics are welcome to join, regardless of their prior knowledge in statistics or programming.

The club hosts biweekly meetings at the computer labs of the Department of Statistics. Each meeting, a new data set and theme/problem will be provided, students are encouraged to work in small groups to solve these problems. Students are encouraged to work in whichever programming language they feel the most comfortable in.

Here we focus on learning through sharing knowledge with our peers. No 'tutorials' or 'lessons' will be provide on each sessions theme, instead we learn by working together to find solutions to difficult problems.

Please go to the website of the programming club to find out more: