Where to find information

On the Course webpage:

• Course documents
• Course outline
• Link to sign up for exams
• Literature
• Schedule
• Syllabus
• Teacher contacts

On Athena:

• All course documents handed out by the teacher during the course
• Groups
• Updated messages and information

On Mitt.su.se:

• Application for degree (through Ladok)
• Course registration (through Ladok)
• Grades (through Ladok)
• Link to Athena
• Links to the IT services
• Instructions on how to manage the university account
• Sign up for exams (through Ladok)

On www.statistics.su.se/english/

• Forms for grade transfers or de-registrations
• Old exams with student answers
• Information on all courses
• Information about the alumni group
• Information about the student council
• Information about statistics careers
• Calender and events
• Contacts to all employees of the department
• News from the department and of interest for statistics students
• Useful links

Through e-mail:

• New information, for example changes in schedules
• Reminders

On physical bulletin boards next to the corridor in the B-house, floor 3 and on floor 7 next to the elevator:

• Posters about events for students
• Information from the student council
• Job ads for statisticians
• Students ads for second hand books, etc
• Information on exams