Eligibility and Prerequisites

Basic Eligibility

To meet the basic eligibility requirements for the doctoral programme, candidates must

hold a Master’s degree,

have completed 240 ECTS credits, of which 60 ECTS credits must consist of second-cycle courses, or

otherwise have gained equivalent knowledge domestically or abroad.

The university may exempt individual applicants from the requirement for basic eligibility where specific grounds apply. Any decisions regarding exemption are made by the Board of the Department of Statistics.

Special Eligibility

Apart from general eligibility, there are specific eligibility requirements for the doctoral programme in statistics. To meet the special eligibility requirements, candidates must hold 90 ECTS credits in Statistics or equivalent. At least 15 of these 90 ECTS credits should consist of an independent dissertation.

Furthermore, English proficiency is required for special eligibility. Language proficiency includes the ability to read, speak and write in English.

Contents and Structure of the Programme

A doctorate degree requires four years of full-time study, and the programme is structured accordingly. Thus, it is assumed that the doctoral student will commit fully to their studies, but also maximise the utility of any tuition and supervision. The doctoral student may request to reduce their work to a part-time capacity, however never less than 50% of full-time capacity, i.e. eight years.

The doctoral student may be offered to teach or undertake other tasks at the department by up to 20% of full-time capacity over an academic year. In these cases the programme is extended accordingly to up to five academic years.

The length of the programme to achieve a doctoral degree is four years of full-time studies, which comprises 240 ECTS credits. The programme consists of a course part consisting of 90 ECTS credits and a thesis consisting of 150 ECTS credits. A licentiate degree may be awarded after 120 ECTS credits, out of which 45 ECTS credits must comprise courses and 75 ECTS credits must comprise an academic paper.

All doctoral students who are admitted to the doctoral programme in statistics must follow the current general syllabus. Any collaborations in the form of cotutelle, individual doctoral students’ participation in research academies or externally financed projects may only affect the individual differences in the programme that are documented in the individual syllabus.

The detailed structuring of the studies is determined in item 6.3 in the Education plan for the PhD studies, as well as in the individual syllabus.

Education plan

This is an extract from the Education Plan at the Research Level in Statistics at Stockholm University. You can download the Education Plan as a pdf here:


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