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Research reports 2020
2020:1 Per Gösta Andersson Approximate Confidence Intervals for a Binomial p - Once Again Ladda ner RR2020_1.pdf
Research reports 2019
2019:1 Gebrenegus Ghilagaber
Rolf Larsson
Maximum Likelihood Adjustment of Anticipatory Covariates in the Analysis of Retrospective Data Ladda ner RR2019_1.pdf
  RR 2019:1 is published in "Stats" Volume 6, Issue 4, pp 1179-1197, 2023 Download
Research reports 2018
2018:6 Edgar Bueno A comparison of Stratified simple random sampling and Probability proportional-to-size sampling Ladda ner RR2018_6.pdf
2018:5 Parfait Munezero Bayesian Sequential Inference for Dynamic Survival Models Ladda ner RR2018_5.pdf
2018:4 Per Gösta Andersson A Classroom Approach to the Construction of Bayesian Credible Intervals of a Poisson Mean Ladda ner RR2018_4.pdf
2018:3 Gebrenegus Ghilagaber
Parfait Munezero
Bayesian Change-point Modelling of the Effects of 3-points-for-a-win Rule in Football  
  RR 2018:3 is published in "Journal of Applied Statistics" Journal of Applied Statistics
2018:2 Per Gösta Andersson Design-based "Optimal" Calibration Weights Under Unit Nonresponse in Survey Sampling Ladda ner RR2018_2.pdf
2018:1 Hanna Armelius
Martin Solberger
Erik Spånberg
Domestic policy or global influences?
The Swedish natural rate of interest and international spill-overs
Ladda ner RR2018_1.pdf
Research reports 2017
2017:2 Dan Hedlin Is there a 'safe area' where the nonresponse rate has only a modest effect on nonresponse bias despite non-ignorable nonresponse? Ladda ner RR2017_2.pdf
2017:1 José Igor Morlanes
Andriy Andreev
Simulation of fractional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck of the second kind by Circulant Embedding Method Ladda ner RR2017_1.pdf
Research reports 2016
2016:1 Gebrenegus Ghilagaber Environmental Recidivism in Sweden: Distributional Shape and Effects of Sanctions on Duration of Compliance Ladda ner RR2016_1.pdf
  RR 2016:1 is published in "Quality and Quantity – International Journal of Methodology" Volume 52, Issue 2, pp 869-882, 2018 Quality and Quantity – International Journal of Methodology Volume 52,  Issue 2, 2018
Research reports 2015
2015:6 Matias Quiroz Speeding up MCMC by delayed acceptance and data subsampling Ladda ner RR2015_6.pdf
2015:5 Matias Quiroz
Mattias Villani
Robert Kohn
Scalable MCMC for large data problems using data subsampling and the difference estimator Ladda ner RR2015_5.pdf
2015:4 Matias Quiroz
Mattias Villani
Robert Kohn
Speeding up MCMC by efficient data subsampling Ladda ner RR2015_4.pdf
2015:3 Matias Quiroz
Mattias Villani
Dynamic mixture-of-experts models for longitudinal and disrete-time survival data Ladda ner RR2015_3.pdf
2015:2 Yuli Liang
Dietrich von Rosen
Tatjana von Rosen
Testing in multivariate normal models with block circular covariance structures Ladda ner RR2015_2.pdf
2015:1 Olivia Ståhl Model-Based Value Modifications for Samples from a Skew Population Ladda ner RR2015_1.pdf
Research reports 2014
2014:1 Bergrún Tinna Magnúsdóttir Optimal design problems for the bivariate Emax model Ladda ner RR2014_1.pdf
Research reports 2013
2013:7 Daniel Thorburn
Can Tongur
Combination of sample surveys and projections of political opinions Ladda ner RR2013_7.pdf
2013:6 Can Tongur A Note on the Trade-off between Direct and Indirect Seasonal Adjustments Ladda ner RR2013_6.pdf
2013:5 Annika Tillander Empirical evaluation of sparse classification boundaries and HC-feature thresholding in high-dimensional data Ladda ner RR2013_5.pdf
2013:4 Karin Stål Marginal and Joint Influence in Nonlinear Regression Analysis Ladda ner RR2013_4.pdf
2013:3 Yuli Liang Estimation of Variance Components in Multilevel Models with Block Circular Symmetric Covariance Structures Ladda ner RR2013_3.pdf
2013:2 Can Tongur A Comparison of Seasonal Adjustment Methods:
Dynamic Linear Models versus TRAMO/SEATS
Ladda ner RR2013_2.pdf
2013:1 Daniel Thorburn
Can Tongur
Assessing direct and indirect seasonal adjustment in state space
- a comparison between ordinary and optimal approaches
  RR 2013:1 is published in "Journal of Applied Statistics", Volume 41, Issue 9, 2014 Journal of Applied Statistics Volume 41,  Issue 9, 2014
Research reports 2012
2012:3 Termeh Shafie Some Multigraph Algorithms Ladda ner RR2012_3.pdf
2012:2 Termeh Shafie Statistical Analysis of Multigraphs Ladda ner RR2012_2.pdf
2012:1 Termeh Shafie Random Stub Matching Models of Multigraphs Ladda ner RR2012_1.pdf
Research reports 2011
2011:5 Linda Wänström
Ellinor Fackle-Fornius
Minimax Optimality and the Trinomial Spike Model Ladda ner RR2011_5.pdf
2011:4 Yuli Liang
Tatjana von Rosen
Dietrich von Rosen
Estimation in Multilevel Models with Block Circular Symmetric Covariance Structure Ladda ner RR2011_4.pdf
2011:3 Yuli Liang
Tatjana von Rosen
Dietrich von Rosen
Block Circular Symmetry in Multilevel Models Ladda ner RR2011_3.pdf
2011:2 Chengcheng Hao
Tatjana von Rosen
Dietrich von Rosen
Influence analysis in two-treatment cross-over designs with special reference to the ABBA|BAAB design Ladda ner RR2011_2.pdf
2011:1 Chengcheng Hao
Tatjana von Rosen
Dietrich von Rosen
Local influence analysis in 2 x 2 cross-over designs Ladda ner RR2011_1.pdf
Research reports 2010
2010:4 Gebrenegus Ghilagaber
Linda Wänström
Adjusting for Selection Bias in the Relationship between Sibship Size and Cognitive Performance Ladda ner RR2010_4.pdf
  RR 2010:4 is published in
"Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A"
Homepage of report in Journal of the Royal Statistical Society
2010:3 Ellinor Fackle-Fornius
Hans Nyquist
Optimal allocation for comparing treatment effects Ladda ner RR2010_3.pdf
2010:2 Pär Stockhammar Comovements of the Dow-Jones Stock Index and US GDP Ladda ner RR2010_2.pdf
2010:1 Pär Stockhammar
Lars-Erik Öller
Density Forecasting of the Dow Jones Share Index Ladda ner RR2010_1.pdf
Research reports 2009
2009:1 Tatjana von Rosen On the Inverse of Certain Patterned Matrices with Kronecker Product Structures Ladda ner RR2009_1.pdf
Research reports 2008
2008:5 Pär Stockhammar
Lars-Erik Öller
On the Probability Distribution of Economic Growth Ladda ner RR2008_5.pdf
2008:4 Jessica Franzén Implementation of the MBCA Matlab Program for Model-Based Cluster Analysis Ladda ner RR2008_4.pdf
2008:3 Jessica Franzén Longitudinal, Model-Based Clustering with Missing Data Ladda ner RR2008_3.pdf
2008:2 Jessica Franzén Successive Clustering of Longitudinal Data. A Bayesian Approach Ladda ner RR2008_2.pdf
2008:1 Bertil Wegmann
Mattias Villani
Bayesian inference and variable selection in structural second price common value auctions Ladda ner RR2008_1.pdf
Research reports 2007
2007:4 Bertil Wegmann Bid function approximations of second price common value auctions Ladda ner RR2007_4.pdf
2007:3 Linda Wänström Sibship size and cognitive ability: Are cognitive abilities in children affected by the birth of a sibling? Ladda ner RR2007_3.pdf
2007:2 Linda Wänström Slope differences in latent growth curve models under general measurement schemes Ladda ner RR2007_2.pdf
2007:1 Pär Stockhammar
Lars-Erik Öller
A heteroscedasticity removing filter Ladda ner RR2007_1.pdf
Research reports 2006
2006:9 Gebrenegus Ghilagaber
Johan Koskinen
Bayesian Adjustment of Anticipatory Covariates in the Analysis of Retrospective Data Ladda ner RR2006_9.pdf
  RR 2006:9 is published in the journal
"Mathematical Population Studies", Volume 16, Issue 2, 2009"
Homepage of report in journal Mathematical Population Studies
2006:8 Ellinor Fackle Fornius Sequential Designs for Binary Data with the purpose to Maximize the Probability of Response Ladda ner RR2006_8.pdf
2006:7 Jessica Franzén Model-Based Cluster Analysis - Classification of Twelve Year Old Children with a Deviant Group Ladda ner RR2006_7.pdf
2006:6 Boris Lorenc Social Distribution of the Response Process in a Survey of Schools  
2006:5 Boris Lorenc Survey Response Process in Establishments: The Socially Distributed Cognition Perspective  
2006:4 Daniel Thorburn
Boris Lorenc
Nonparametric Estimation with Double Samples  
2006:3 Boris Lorenc Model-Based Estimation with Double Samples  
2006:2 Boris Lorenc Propensity Score Weighting Using Double Samples  
2006:1 Jessica Franzén Bayesian Inference for a Mixture Model using Gibbs Sampler Ladda ner RR2006_1.pdf
Research reports 2005
2005:3 Daniel Bruce
Hans Nyquist
Testing for Dependency of Bernoulli Variables Ladda ner RR2005_3.pdf
2005:2 Ellinor Fackle Fornius D-optimal Designs for Quadratic Logistic Regression Models Ladda ner RR2005_2.pdf
2005:1 Gebrenegus Ghilagaber
Ngianga Bakwin Kandala
A Geo-additive Bayesian Discrete-time Survival Model and its Application to Spatial Analysis of Childhood Mortality in Malawi Ladda ner RR2005_1.pdf
  RR 2005:1 is published in the journal
"Quality and Quantity", Volume 40, Issue 6, December 2006
Homepage of report in journal Quality and Quantity
Research reports 2004
2004:7 Gebrenegus Ghilagaber

Disentangling Selection and Causality in Assessing the Effects of Health Inputs on Child Survival: Evidence from East Africa

Ladda ner RR2004_7.pdf
  RR 2004:7 is published as a chapter in the book
"Advanced Techniques for Modelling Maternal
and Child Health in Africa"
Homepage of the book Advanced Techniques for Modelling Maternal and Child Health in Africa
2004:6 Michael Carlson Reliabilitetsanalys av Bedömningsinstrument för Pedagogiskt och Socialt Klimat (PESOK) i skolor Ladda ner RR2004_6.pdf
2004:5 Johan Koskinen Model Selection for Longitudinal Social Networks Ladda ner RR2004_5.pdf
2004:4 Johan Koskinen Bayesian Inference for Longitudinal Social Networks Ladda ner RR2004_4.pdf
2004:3 Johan Koskinen Model selection for Cognitive Social Structures Ladda ner RR2004_3.pdf
2004:2 Johan Koskinen Bayesian Analysis of Exponential Random Graphs - Estimation of Parameters and Model Selection Ladda ner RR2004_2.pdf
2004:1 Peter Lundquist Estimating interviewer variance under a measurement error model for continuous survey data - Stratified sampling Ladda ner RR2004_1.pdf


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