Tid: 21 april, 2021, kl. 13-14
Plats: This seminar is given online. E-mail Dan Hedlin if you want to attend.


New crop varieties are extensively tested in multi-environment trials in order to obtain a solid empirical basis for recommendations to farmers. When the target population of environments is large and heterogeneous, a division into sub-regions is often advantageous. When designing such trials, the question arises how to allocate trials to the different subregions. We consider a solution to this problem assuming a linear mixed model. We propose an analytical approach for computation of optimal designs for best linear unbiased prediction of genotype effects and their pairwise linear contrasts and illustrate the obtained results by a real data example from Indian nation-wide maize variety trials. It is shown that, except in simple cases such as a compound symmetry model, the optimal allocation depends on the variance-covariance structure for genotypic effects nested within sub-regions.