Tid: 23 september, 2020, kl. 13-14
Plats: This seminar is given online. E-mail Dan Hedlin if you want to attend.


Is there a secret formula for becoming rich? Or for happiness? Or for becoming popular? Or for self-confidence and good judgement? I answer these questions with an emphatic ‘Yes!' All YOU need are The Ten Equations. I reveal the details of three of these: the confidence equation that helps gamblers know when they have a winning strategy; the influencer equation that shapes our social interactions and the learning equation that Youtube used to get us addicted to their videos. A small group of mathematicians have used these equations to revolutionise our world and now you can use them to too to better manage your time and make money, have a more balanced approach to your popularity and even to become a nicer person.

Data. Foto: Pexels. Markus Spiske.