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The Faculty of Social Sciences

The faculty distinguishes itself in areas such as economics, sociology, psychology and anthropology. Active research is carried out at several research institutes, dedicated to areas of research such as migration, drug problems, aging and health, and health and equality. The social sciences use both quantitative and qualitative methods to create a solid foundation for an active debate about our society, as well as for decision making and planning.


Geopolitics, e-health and drones at popular hybrid conference

From national security to designs of the future, pregnancy apps, drone deliveries and smart cities. At Digitalize in Stockholm 2021, many aspects of digitalization were discussed by 650 participants from 45 countries. Several researchers from Stockholm University participated and shared insights from their research projects.

Stockholm University's International Website

For more information about research and studies in Sweden you can always visit Stockholm University's international website. The site is aimed at visiting students and researchers and will gather all information necessary for academic life in Sweden.

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