The process in short

  1. The applicant ensures that his/her application is supported by the Department and then sends it to the Faculty office. The department proposes experts to assess the application.
  2. The Board of Docentship makes a preliminary evaluation of the application, and experts are appointed.
  3. When the external experts have assessed the application, the Board of Docentship decides if a teaching test is needed, or if the applicant can be appointed to Docent.
  4. The applicant receives a Docent certificate, signed by the Dean.

More information

  1. The applicant contacts the professor at the department who is most closely concerned to get a preliminary evaluation of whether an application is justified.
  2. The professor consults with colleagues, as well as with the Head of Department. 
  3. The application is submitted to the registrar by the applicant. The registrar forwards it to the Faculty office.
  4. The administrator at the Faculty office and the Head of the Board of Docentship make a first review of the application. 
  5. If something needs to be supplemented, the applicant is contacted.
  6. When the application is considered to be complete, the faculty administrator contacts the department to ask for a proposal for experts. The proposal should also state that the professors’ collegium/equivalent supports the application.
  7. When the proposal for experts has been sent to the faculty administrator, the case is added to the agenda for the next meeting of the Board of Docentship. Everything needs to be in place one week before the meeting, in time for the agenda to be sent to the Board.
  8. The Board of Docentship evaluates the application and decides whether experts can be appointed to evaluate the application.
  9. Once experts have been appointed, the faculty administrator informs the experts of their task, and the applicant is asked to send their selected publications to the experts. The Head of Department is also notified of the decision.
  10. The experts review the application, which normally takes three months.
  11. When the experts’ assessments have arrived, the assessments are considered by the Board at the next meeting. The Board decides on two things: whether a teaching test is to be arranged or not - if not, the Board decides whether the applicant is to be appointed as Docent.
  12. If the Board decides on a teaching test, the department and the applicant are contacted and asked to suggest time and place for the test. The lecture should be an integrated part of the regular teaching or seminar activities of the department concerned, which the Board will attend.
  13. The application is then considered again at the next meeting of the Board of Docentship.
  14. If a decision has been made to appoint the applicant as Docent, the applicant receives a Docent certificate, signed by the Dean. The appointment is valid from the day the decision is taken by the Board.
  15. The case is closed and archived.

Guidelines for applications for Docentship

Guidelines for the procedure for appointing Associate Professors (Docents) (95 Kb)

Link to template for application and further documents (only in Swedish)