It will take between 8 to 17 months from the request for vacancy until someone is employed. The department will initiate the process, but after that the faculty is responsible for it. The faculty administrator will lead the department through the process from the beginning to the end, obtaining information when needed and keeping the department informed of the progression.

The employment process in short

  • The department sends a request for vacancy and a job profile to the Faculty board
  • The Faculty board determines the request and the job profile 
  • The advertisement is accessible to the candidates for at least four weeks
  • External experts examine and rank the applicants
  • The Academic appointments board suggests a final ranking
  • The Dean or President employs the candidate at the top of the ranking list

More information

1. The request

The department prepares a request to the Faculty board (called the “scientific area board” in AOSU) for vacancy together with a job profile (the text for the advertisement) according to one of the templates here (only partly in English) 

The qualification requirements in the job profile determine how the external experts and the Appointments board will assess the applicants.

The decision on a request for vacancy is made by the Department board.

The Head of Department sends the request to the faculty administrators at the following e-mail addresses: and to 

2. Review

The request for vacancy and job profile is reviewed by the faculty administrator and the Dean. The administrator will give the department feedback on possible changes and clarifications if needed.

3. The Faculty board

The Faculty board decides whether to approve the request. The board can delegate to the Dean to make changes in the request and profile.

4. Advertising

The faculty administrator asks the Head of department who they want as a contact person for the advertisement (usually the Head) and for how long they want the advertisement to be open for applications (at least four weeks).

The advertisement is published in the recruitment system ReachMee on Stockholm University’s homepage and at the Swedish public employment service’s advertisement page “Platsbanken”. The department are welcome to spread the advertisement through their own channels as well. The department’s contact person will get access to ReachMee.

The time for which the advertisement is open for applications can be extended, but the request for an extension must be made before the original application period has ended.

5. Examination by external experts

When the advertisement is closed, the faculty administrator will ask the Head of department for suggestions on external experts to examine the applications.
The template for suggestions for external experts (only in Swedish) can be found under the same heading here.  

The Head of department sends suggestions for external experts to the faculty administrator, the Dean makes the decision to appoint them.

When all of the external experts have sent in their reports, the faculty administrator will forward the reports to the Chair of the Appointments board and the Head of department for approval. The reports will then be sent to the applicants.

6. Interviews

The Chair of the Appointments board and the Head of department decides on which applicants should be invited to an interview and a trial lecture.

If the interviews are held at campus, the department is responsible for the venue and technical support. If the interviews are digital, the faculty administrator prepares a Zoom link for the meeting.

The interviews can either be conducted on campus or via Zoom.

7. Meeting of the Appointments board

During the meeting of the Appointments board, the Head of department will give an account of the department’s view on the candidates and let the board know how many applicants they wish to have ranked in order of merit. 

The Appointments board decides on a final ranking of the applicants to the Dean/President. The formal employment decision is made by the Dean, or if it is a Professor, by the President. The decision is official when the minutes are approved, about a week after the meeting.

The approved minutes will be sent to the Head of department, the department’s Head of administration and the applicants.
If the Head of department at this stage wants to employ more than one applicant, a request has to be sent to the faculty administrator.

If the Dean approves, the Head of department will be able to start a negotiation with the applicant next in ranking.

Employment of a professor: in this case the formal employment decision is made by the President. The process is handled by the faculty administrator.

8. Negotiation of and decision on an employment contract

The Head of department starts the negotiations with the applicant with the highest ranking.

When the negotiations are finished, the department sends an e-mail with a draft for an employment contract to the faculty administrator.

The faculty administrator reports either to the Dean, to get a decision on employment for an associate senior lecturer or a lecturer, or to the President, to get a decision on employment for a professor. The faculty administrator then sends information about the decision to the department, the applicant, the union representatives and the payroll administration.

The union representatives have five days to state their opinion on the decision.

The decision of employment will gain legal force after three weeks of notice if no one has made an appeal against the decision.

If the Head of department has decided to employ more than one applicant, all of the employment contracts should be sent to the faculty administrator at the same time. All of the employment decisions need to be given notice at the same time and for the same length of time. The employees can have different starting dates.

9. Appeals

The employment contract can be appealed during a period of three weeks, starting from the time the notice for the employment contract are published on the official board.

10. The employment gains legal force

After three weeks, when the time for appeals are over, the employment gains legal force.

The faculty administrator will inform the parties concerned that the employment has gained legal force. For the employment of a professor the inaugurations and promotions services are also notified.

To discontinue an employment process

Anytime during the process (until the employment decision is signed), the Head of department can request that the employment process be discontinued. The Dean makes the decision. It isn’t possible to appeal against the decision.


In the event of a discrepancy between the Swedish original text and the English translation, the Swedish version takes precedence.