I och med universitetsreformen 1964 bildades det samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteter vid de svenska universiteten. Detta vill vi nu fira tillsammans med er. Dagen kommer att fyllas med samhällsvetenskapliga föreläsningar av både interna och externa föreläsare samt tal av rektor Astrid Söderbergh-Widding och dekanus Mats Danielson.

Med anledning av firandet ger fakulteten även ut en jubileumsbok med institutionernas historia. Boken säljs på plats till rabatterat pris om 200 kronor.

Program, G-salen, Arrheniuslaboratoriet

13.00-13.10 Astrid Söderbergh Widding
13.10-14.00 Mats Danielson - Samhällsvetenskapliga fakultetens historia
14.00-14.45 Ann Phoenix - Young masculinities in changing and intersectional global contexts
14.45-15.30 Bensträckare, bubbel och bokrelease av jubileumsboken.
15.30-16.15 Steven Yearley - Environmentalism, climate change and the management of organisational ambivalence towards science in the early 21st century
16.15-17.00 Julia Twigg - Clothing, Age and the Cultural Turn

Varmt välkomna!


Dagens föreläsare

Ann Phoenix

Ann Phoenix is Professor of Psychosocial Research at the Thomas Coram Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London where, from 2007-October 2013, she was the Co-Director. She co-directs the Childhood Wellbeing Research Centre funded by the Department for Education and is the Principal Investigator on NOVELLA (Narratives of Varied Everyday Lives and Linked Approaches), an ESRC National Centre for Research Methods node. Her research is mainly about social identities and the ways in which psychological experiences and social processes are linked. It includes work on racialised and gendered identities and experiences; mixed-parentage, masculinities, consumption, young people and their parents and the transition to motherhood.

Steve Yearley

Steve Yearley is Professor of the Sociology of Scientific Knowledge at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland). He has a long-standing interest in environmental sociology and in science and technology studies and is well known for his work on topics where the two fields overlap. He has also undertaken more practically oriented work, for example devising techniques for public engagement in environmental knowledge-making (in collaboration with associates from the Stockholm Environment Institute). Among his best-known books are: Making Sense of Science (2005) and Cultures of Environmentalism (2005/2009); with his colleague Steve Bruce he also co-wrote The SAGE Dictionary of Sociology (2006). At present Steve’s research mostly focuses on aspects of climate science and climate policy and he is currently working on three projects – one on politics of monitoring in the UK, the focus on aspects of scientific advice-giving for climate policy-making.

Julia Twigg

Julia Twigg is Professor of Social Policy and Sociology at the University of Kent. Her recent work has focused on the role of dress in the constitution of age, exploring this through a series of interconnected projects.  In 2013 she published Fashion and Age: Dress the Body and Later Life. She has recently completing a study of Dementia and Dress, exploring issues of personhood, embodiment and memory. She plans further work on masculinity, dress and age. Accounts of her clothing work can be found on:  www.clothingandage.org. She is actively engaged in debates around cultural gerontology, and is co-editor with Wendy Martin of the Routledge Handbook of Cultural Gerontology, forthcoming 2015. Her earlier work centered around embodiment and care, and the role of bodywork in this, publishing The Body in Health and Social Care.