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  • Teaching spring semester 2021 2020-12-14 Based on current conditions, the department has decided that the teaching will be conducted mainly online during the first period of the spring semester, until 22 March 2021. Stockholm Business School may have training on campus to a limited extent and follows the Public Health Agency's recommendations for the teaching given on campus.
  • SU Business Model Cup 2021-02-23 - Compete with your Sustainable Model. Do you have a sustainable business idea that you want to develop? If so, enter this semester's SU Business Model Cup.
  • Unboxing Marketing - Winner of Marketing Book of the Year 2020 2020-10-21 Every year, the Swedish Marketing Federation awards the Marketing Book of the Year. This year, the award has gone to the book Unboxing Marketing. The authors are Jacob Östberg, Anders Parment, Cecilia Solér, Benjamin Julien Hartmann. Both Jacob Östberg and Anders Parment are active at Stockholm Business School.
  • We congratulate Wenderson Raimundo De Lima 2020-09-29 Wenderson Raimundo De Lima defended his thesis Modern Missionaries September 23th. He has an interdisciplinary background in human rights and management.
  • We congratulate Ian Khrashchevskyi 2020-09-29 Ian Khrashchevskyi’s research field lies within empirical asset pricing and behavioral finance with a focus on financial risks. Ian defended his dissertation “Essays on Risks in Investment Strategies” at Stockholm Business School on the 16th of September.
  • We congratulate Yashar Mahmud 2020-09-17 Yashar Mahmud defended his thesis Organizing Refugees September 14th. Yashar’s research focus is on organizing, multiplicity and interdisciplinarity. He is fascinated by certain approaches to study phenomena, and keen on challenging taken-for-granted assumptions.
  • Athena replaces Fastreg as a learning and collaboration platform 2020-08-21 As the autumn semester starts on August 31, Athena will be used at Stockholm Business School.
  • We congratulate Emelie Adamsson 2020-06-01 Emelie Adamsson's research area is in communication with a focus on corporate responsibility and sustainability. Emelie defended her thesis The Construction of Corporate Irresponsibility at Stockholm Business School on Thursday, May 28.
  • Five research grants to SBS Finance 2020-07-01 Researchers at SBS Finance have recently been awarded research grants amounting to more than SEK 8 million by the Jan Wallanders och Tom Hedelius Foundation and the Tore Browaldh Foundation. The grants will fund research on financial econometrics, climate finance, and behavioral finance.
  • The 5th Emerging Markets Inspiration Conference (EMIC) 2020-05-25 "Globalization, Business, and Society in Pandemic Times" took place in Zoom during May 14-15, 2020.
  • Björn Hagströmer has been appointed professor 2020-05-08 We congratulate Björn Hagströmer on his promotion to professor. Björn is working at the Finance section, Stockholm Business School.
  • Great interest in Business Administration 2020-04-22 The Bachelor´s Programme in Business Administration at Stockholm Business School is the fourth most sought-after programme at the Stockholm University, calculated by first-hand applicants.
  • A new book - The Nordic Wave in Place Branding 2020-04-14 The book Nordic wave in Place Branding is an edited book which tackle the raising, widespread international interest in the Nordic region and the mobility of Nordic brand imaginaries.
  • We congratulate Amir Kheirollah 2020-02-17 Amir Kheirollah defended his doctoral thesis The Art of Discretion at Stockholm Business School January 30th. Amir serves as a teacher in finance courses at Stockholm Business School. He has also worked in the energy sector and the aviation industry.
  • Cross-cultural seminar on Tibet 2019-10-15 A cross-cultural seminar on Tibet took place at the Emerging Markets Cross-Cultural Research Group of Stockholm Business School on September 26, 2019.
  • A new book Case Theory in Business and Management - Reinventing Case Study Research 2019-08-19 Evert Gummesson, Professor Emeritus at SBS, has published a new book Case Theory in Business and Management - Reinventing Case Study Research. Its purpose is to show the full potential of using cases in research.
  • The 4th Emerging Markets Inspiration Conference 2019-09-02 EMIC is a Swedish initiated research project that aims at exploring wild ideas in unchartered waters in the frontier of management science with a multidisciplinary intellectual input. This is the 4th time the EMIC is organized and hosted by Stockholm University.
  • We congratulate Kristina Sundberg who defended PhD thesis at Karolinska Institutet 2019-06-19 Kristina Sundberg works as accreditation manager at Stockholm Business School and on June 14th she defended her thesis Educational leadership in health professions education at the Department of Medicine in Huddinge at Karolinska Institutet.
  • Successful graduation 2019-06-19 Stockholm Business School celebrated examination for Bachelor and Master studentes. On Wednesday, June 5, about 800 people gathered in the auditorium of Aula Magna, to celebrate that 500 students have taken their bachelor's and master's degree.
  • This year's best dissertation in social sciences 2019-06-04 Högskoleföreningens prize for the best dissertation in the Faculty of Social Sciences 2019 has been awarded to Maíra Magalhães Lopes for her dissertation The Making of Us: How affects shape collective bodies resisting gentrification.
  • Final SU Business Model Cup 2019-04-29 The final of the competition SU Business Model Cup was April 25th. Nine finalists presented exciting sustainable business ideas for a jury at Stockholm Central Station. The competition, which is open to all researchers and students at Stockholm University, was conducted for the fourth time.
  • Kick-off for the SBS Industry Mentor Program 2019 2019-03-13 The kick-off and start-up for the SBS Industry Mentor Program 2019 was held on Tuesday, March 12th. Nine students from the first year of the Master's program Operation Management and Control met their mentors from the business sector and the public sector.
  • Abu Zakir Md Rasel Chowdhury defended his thesis about insider trading 2018-11-29 Congratulations to Abu Zakir Md Rasel Chowdhury who defended his doctoral thesis “Essays on Insider Trading and Initial Public Offerings".
  • Emma Stendahl defended her thesis about headquarters 2018-09-27 Congratulations to Emma Stendahl who defended her doctoral thesis “Headquarters’ involvement in managing subsidiaries”.
  • Orientation day autumn 2018 2018-08-28 We would like to welcome our autumn-semester exchange students to Stockholm Business School!
  • Peter Markowski defended his thesis about interdisciplinary healthcare 2018-06-11 Congratulations to Peter Markowski who defended his doctoral thesis “Collaboration Routines - A Study of Interdisciplinary Healthcare".
  • Luigi Servadio defended his thesis about wine rituals and marketing 2018-06-07 Congratulations to Luigi Servadio who defended his doctoral thesis “Customer Rituals: Ethnographic explorations of wine rituals with families and friends”
  • Sara Öhlin defended her thesis about innovation in the fashion industry 2018-06-05 Congratulations to Sara Öhlin who defended her doctoral thesis ”An improvisational, practice-oriented approach to innovation: Examples from the fashion industry".
  • AMBA accreditation for EMBA 2018-05-16 It is with great pleasure we hereby announce that our Executive MBA Programme was awarded AMBA accreditation on May 10:th, 2018. Congratulations to this accomplishment to the Executive Education Team as well as SBS as a whole!
  • New book about critical entrepreneurship in the classroom 2018-04-16 Revitalizing Entrepreneurship Education is a new book edited by Karin Berglund and Karen Verduyn. The rise of critical entrepreneurship studies has recently led to the need to start wondering if and how such critical insights have entered the classrooms at higher educational institutions.
  • Cristoffer Lokatt defended his thesis about the changing auditing profession 2018-03-16 Congratulations to Cristoffer Lokatt who defended his doctoral thesis ”Auditors’ Constitution of Performance – A Study on the Duality of Performance in the Auditing Profession”.
  • Homecoming day 2017 2017-11-22 SBS Homecoming day 2017 was a success. The event was almost fully booked when Torbjörn Tännsjö, professor of practical philosophy, author and debater talked with Tommy Jensen, professor of business administration, about economics and morals.
  • Emma Björner defended her thesis about the branding of Chinese mega-cities 2017-09-29 Emma Björners PhD thesis is about place branding, with a focus on the branding of Chinese mega-cities.
  • Mikael Holmqvist's study of Djursholm is published in English 2017-09-15 Professor Mikael Holmqvist's study of Djursholm from 2015 is now published in English of the world-leading academic publisher, Columbia University Press, titled "Leader Communities: The Consecration of Elites in Djursholm".
  • Janet Johansson defended her thesis on sporty top managers 2017-04-20 Congratulations to Janet Johansson who defended her thesis about sporty top managers - "Sweat is weakness leaving the body. A study on the self-presentational practice of sporty top managers in Sweden". Below is a summary of the thesis.
  • Elia Giovacchini defended his thesis "Weaving the symbiotic relationship" 2017-03-31 Elia Giovacchini defended his thesis "Weaving the symbiotic relationship. A longitudinal study of a firm-sponsored open source community relationship maintenance". Below is a summary of the thesis.
  • Startups pitched for ECA and some of the best football clubs in Europe 2017-03-23 Earlier this week Stockholm Business School (SBS), Stockholm University, and SUP46 hosted a visiting delegation of senior international football executives participating in the European Club Association (ECA) Club Management Programme.
  • Alisa Minina defended her thesis "Consumption of Financial Services in Global Mobility ..." 2017-03-23 Congratulations to Alisa Minina who defended her thesis ”Consumption of Financial Services in Global Mobility: A Cephalopodic Consumption Mode”. Below is a summary of the thesis.
  • Janet Vähämäki defended her thesis on Swedish development aid 2017-02-06 Congratulations to Janet Vähämäki who defended her thesis "Matrixing Aid – The Rise and Fall of ’Results Initiatives in Swedish Development Aid". Below is a summary of the thesis.
  • Natallia Pashkevich defended her thesis on Information Worker Productivity 2016-12-08 A new research model of an information worker’s individual productivity when a more aligned IT system is used in a synchronized manner with both individual and organizational factors has been tested in two empirical studies: a longitudinal quasi-randomized field experiment and an online experiment.
  • Stockholm Business School ranked ”top business school” 2016-12-07 Stockholm Business School rates second in Sweden’s top nine list, with four ”palmes of excellence” and estimated ”Top business School with significant international influence”.
  • A new generation challenges marketers 2016-06-29 Spoiled, ego-centric, demanding and attention seeking – these are some of the characteristics often used to describe the generation born in the 1990s. Or do they simply know what they want? Anders Parment explains why this generation is different and how it affects their behaviour on the market. To attract them, he advises marketers to be innovative and come closer to the consumer group.
  • Islamic banking – an alternative banking concept? 2016-08-22 Islamic banks offer banking based on profit-loss sharing instead of interest, and a special supervisory board mitigates risk-taking behaviour. Sabur Mollah has compared corporate governance systems in Islamic banks with those of conventional banks.
  • Getting emotional about finance 2016-10-26 How can we make ordinary people understand the financial information communicated by various social actors? A common perception is that more information can change people's financial behaviour.
  • Stockholm Business School scores high in Eduniversal ranking 2016-10-27 Stockholm Business School is ranked "4 Palmes of Excellence – TOP business school with significant international influence" in Eduniversal’s ranking of the best 4000 Masters & MBA in 30 specialisations in 154 countries. According to the ranking, Stockholm Business School has some of the best Master’s programmes in Sweden.
  • Imagineering Chinese mega-cities 2016-06-02 I ♥ New York, Be Berlin, Stockholm the Capital of Scandinavia... do these slogans sound familiar? As our world has become increasingly urbanised and globalised, cities today have to compete against each other in order to secure visitors, capital investments, business, and talent. Now more than ever, it is vital for cities to create a favourable outward image, and as a result, an increasing number of cities engage in city branding practices.


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