Application and Admission

As a doctoral student at SBS you will be part of a vibrant academic community fully committed to the study of people, markets and organisations. You will be working with faculty members who are renowned for their significant contributions to key areas of business administration research, such as financial markets and instruments; branding, consumption and customer orientation; accounting and intellectual capital; public sector management and accounting; health services and workplace health promotion; organizational change, learning and decision-making.

Like any line of scholarly research, doctoral research and writing a doctoral thesis is about making a significant contribution to knowledge. Doctoral students are expected to complete their PhD in four years full time. As a doctoral student you will undergo rigorous training in theory, method and analysis – through individual supervision, coursework, seminars and workshops. No doubt, you will also benefit from being part of an academic community where scholarly dialogue continues outside of the seminar room.

Subject Areas

Stockholm Business School runs a doctoral programme in the following subjects:



Applications are normally accepted in January. 


For further information please contact Director of Graduate Studies: Professor Björn Hagströmer
Telephone: +46 8 16 30 30

We look forward to welcoming you to Stockholm Business School!