By working together with a company or an organization associated with your essay, you get knowledge about how to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

You also get knowledge about how the company / organization works. You make new contacts and learn new skills that are useful when looking for work after completing your studies. Below you can find companies that want to have contact with essay writing students at the School of Business.

Write your master thesis about sustainability at Siemens

We believe that companies need to evaluate their impact on sustainable development from various perspectives. That’s why we have developed our Siemens – Business to Society (B2S) approach, which allows us to objectively measure the impacts of our businesses and activities in a country. We are now searching for a Thesis worker “Sustainability Impact Measurement” that can help us to execute our “Business-to-Society” approach for Siemens operations in Sweden. Apply no later than January 1st, 2019. Read more