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Accounting section

Accounting research at Stockholm Business School is built upon the idea that “accounting is, or should be, a reflection of prevailing social values and culture”*. We aim at being receptive to the ongoing discussion within the research area and at the same time we adapt our research to the current debate in society.

Finance section

The Finance Section at Stockholm Business School is home to 18 faculty members and 8 doctoral students, making it one of the largest finance research units in Sweden. The research conducted here includes all areas of finance, with particular focus on risk management and derivatives, financial market microstructure, and corporate governance.

Management section

The Management section conducts empirical and conceptual research as well as research-based teaching on how organisations are structured and managed, how they emerge and change, how they function and how they are challenged, how people work and interact within them, and how organisations influence and are influenced by the world around them.

Marketing section

The section for marketing endeavors to lead the creation, re-creation and dissemination of advanced marketing knowledge through a holistic approach with due recognition to producers, consumers and society at large.

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