This is a programme for students interested in pursuing an international career in management.

The programme combines the study of business administration with that of political science. You will gain knowledge of marketing, accounting, finance and management, as well as of the main political systems and theories in political science. The objective of the programme is to prepare you for work in international business, in public sector organisations, and in non-governmental organisations.

Why business and political science?

The three-year programme offers you the opportunity to graduate with two Bachelor’s degrees, one in business administration and one in political science, thus increasing your career choices within international business, non-governmental organisations and organisations in the public sector. The international focus of the programme gives you a great advantage from the very beginning of your studies and with English as the language of instruction you will also be trained in communication for a global market.

What you will learn

By combining the two disciplines, this programme provides you with important expertise in the correlation between politics and business – a topic which is extremely relevant in today’s globalised and interlinked world. Interdisciplinary studies widen your perspectives and stimulate innovation and critical analysis, qualities that will help you in your future career. This programme is unique and has been specially designed for students interested in pursuing an international career in management.

Programme outline

The basic areas of business administration and political science are covered in the first four semesters. During the fifth semester you can pursue your own study interests by applying for courses in any academic subject. It is also possible to apply for a semester abroad through one of our many exchange agreements, providing you with important international experience and contacts. All students write a bachelor’s thesis in business administration during the sixth and final semester and are awarded a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Students who choose to apply for and are admitted to free-standing studies in political science with a bachelor’s thesis (no placement guaranteed) during the fifth semester will also be awarded a bachelor’s degree in political science.

Degree requirements

Your future career

This Bachelor’s Programme will make you well prepared for a position in a company or an organisation relying on international relations. Upon completion of the programme you will also be eligible for master programmes in business administration, should you decide to continue your studies. Students who have completed the programme with a bachelor’s degree in political science are also eligible for master programmes in political science.

The language of instruction is English and the programme is hosted by the Stockholm Business School and offered in collaboration with the Department of Political Science and the Centre for Academic English.


Swedish upper secondary school courses English B/6, Mathematics C/3b or 3c and Social Studies A/1b, or equivalent. The evaluation of your foreign qualifications is done after you apply.