The Director of Studies coordinates education related issues at the Stockholm Business School.

That includes the admission of students, the planning of the courses to be given, how our programs should be designed, what is in the curricula and content in the study guide.

A more visible part of the job as a Director of Studies is about individual student matters both large and small. For example, you are welcome to turn to me if you want credit for courses you have studied at other universities / colleges and if you want help to go through what you will read in a study abroad semester.

Thomas Bay
Director of Undergraduate- and Graduate Studies

Building 15, room 421A
Phone: 08-16 14 05

Nina Wennberg, parental leave
Assistant Admin. Director of Studies & Education coordinator

Building 15, first floor, room 45
Phone: +46 08 16 15 18

Björn Hagströmer
Director of PhD Studies