Kräftiket is part of a national city park and located just next to a bay called Brunnsviken  – where you can find a marina, a canoe club and a small beach. In the late 18th century, an Inn opened here which served crayfish caught in the bay, and the whole area came to be named "Kräftriket" (the crayfish kingdom) after the Inn. 

Stockholm Business School is located in charming renovated historic buildings dating from 1912. Their red brick fronts give a lot of character to the area and the buildings have heritage status in Sweden. 

Find your way to Kräftriket

There are several ways to get to Kräftriket.

Take the subway or bus to Odenplan, Tekniska Högskolan or Universitetet and then bus to Albano. Roslagsbanan also stops at Universitetet. 

From Arlanda: Take the airport coach or Arlanda Express train to the Central Station (Centralen) and take the underground to one of the following stops:

From Odenplan: Bus 50 towards Stora Lappkärrsberget.

From Tekniska Högskolan: Bus 676 towards Norrtälje or bus 670 towards Vaxholm

From Universitetet: Bus 50 towards Hornsberg or 676, 670 towards "Stockholm".

Visiting address

 The visiting address is Kräftriket 3, 7, 15 or 24, Stockholm.


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Find your way around Kräftriket

The campus area, Kräftriket, consists of a number of different buildings. Below is a map and some useful information about Stockholm Business School buildings to help you find your way around.



House 3, main building with glazed entrance

In the house there are Wallenbergsalen (244 places), Gröjersalen (84 seats), 8 seminar rooms (30 seats in each), Ljusgården with study places and café Prego. The cafe sells coffee, lunch, fruit and more and also has microwaves for heating your own food. The Boardroom and Faculty Lounge, available to employees, are also available here.

In the house, the faculty unit has its offices with the HR unit, the IT unit, the post office management department, etc.

On wind 4, the southern wind, there is the center of mission training that is responsible for the EMBA program

At wind 3, the northern part, the association has the economists their offices and meeting rooms.

House 7

In the high-rise part with entry no. 7a is the marketing section which includes advertising and pr. There is also a meeting room with approximately 22 seats.

In the lockhouse section with entrance number 7d is the finance section.

House 15

Entrance from the gable towards Roslagsvägen. On level 2 of the house is our student service with study director, student expedition, study guidance, essay lending ect. There is also the department's laboratory reception.

On plan 3 and 4 sits the management section here there is a meeting room with about 25 seats

In the basement, on level 1 there are two computers and two seminar rooms used for teaching but when they are not booked they can be used as study places for independent studies.

In the building you will also find the Hedberg Hall (69 seats).

House 24

In the house is the accounting section that includes operation management. In the building there are also the Academy of Economic Governance in the State (AES) and the Institute of Municipal Economics (IKE).

Find the right room

Our employees are in houses 3, 7, 15 and 24. The room number shows in which house and on which floor the room is. For example. 15: 322 = House 15, Level 3, Room 322.