Research environment

SBS Finance is a highly international group of about twenty faculty members, post-docs, PhD students, and teaching assistants. The group hosts a weekly seminar series, where external as well as internal speakers present their academic research. There are also ad hoc academic events in the form of workshops and conferences.

PhD community

There are currently four doctoral students at SBS Finance. They share a common office space at the Kräftriket campus.

The SBS PhD Council organizes frequent social activities among PhD students from the different sections of Stockholm Business School. It also organizes an annual PhD conference, where you can learn about the research of other PhD students; socialize and get feedback on your work.


For more information about living in Stockholm and how to find a place to stay, see the information provided by Stockholm university here.

Studies abroad

Some doctoral students spend part of their doctoral studies at universities abroad. Funding for research visits and courses abroad may be obtained through scholarships.