Finance seminars

The finance section organizes weekly research seminars on Mondays, 1 pm - 2.15 pm. If you want to present or attend a seminar, please contact Caihong Xu, or Sara Jonsson,

To subscribe to the seminar calendar (shown below), use this ICAL link.


Online seminars

SBS Finance faculty also runs two online seminar series:

  • The Microstructure Exchange has seminars every second Tuesday, featuring papers related to market microstructure. It is coorganized by Björn Hagströmer.
  • FutFin.Info has seminars every second Wednesday, with papers related to the future of financial information, such as textual analysis, fintech, networks, machine learning, artifical intelligence, and financial market structure. It is organized by Michal Dzielinski, who also runs an annual conference on the same theme.


Internal seminar agenda