The Finance Section at Stockholm Business School is home to more than 25 faculty members and PhD students, making it one of the largest finance research units in Sweden. The research conducted here includes all areas of finance, with particular focus on risk management and derivatives, financial market microstructure, and corporate governance.

The Finance faculty members teach at two high-quality programs: the B.Sc. in Business Administration (with possible specialization in Finance) and the M.Sc. in Banking and Finance.

Finance – Selected publications

2020 Hagströmer Björn Bias in the Effective Bid-Ask Spread. Journal of Financial Economics,  forthcoming. Link.
2020 Post Thierry
Rodríguez-Longarela Iñaki
Risk Arbitrage Opportunities for Stock Index Options. Operations Research,  forthcoming. Link.
2020 Hou Ai Jun
Wang Weining
Chen Cathy Yi‐Hsuan
Härdle Wolfgang
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2020 Josephson Jens
Shapiro Joel
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Menkveld Albert
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Zhang Dong
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2019 Baron Matthew 
Brogaard Jonathan
Hagströmer Björn
Kirilenko Andrei
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2018 Lundström Christian
Peltomäki Jarkko
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2018 Chowdhury Abu 
Mollah Sabur
Farooque Omar
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2018 Dzieliński Michal 
Rieger Marc Oliver
Talpsepp Tõnn
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2018 Hou Ai Jun
Nordén Lars L.
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2018 Asgharian Hossein 
Liu Lu
Larsson Marcus
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2017 Eriksson Kent
Fjeldstad Øystein
Jonsson Sara
Transaction organizations and SME internationalization: the effect of home and host country bank relationships on international performance. International Business Review, 26(1), 130-144
2017 Davydov Denis
Florestedt Otto
Peltomäki Jarkko
Schön Marcus
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2017 Longarela Iñaki R.  Explaining vertical gender segregation: a research agenda. Work, Employment and Society, 31(5), 861-871. Link.