En kvinna och en man sitter i Aula Magna och pratar. Foto: Eva Dalin

Statistician top job of the year!

The number one best business job: Statistician. This is the result of the U.S. News & World Report’s annual jobs ranking, where statisticians also are in the absolute top of the 100 best jobs.

10 reasons to join the student council!

Our alumnus Lisa Nikiforova tells us about the benefits of joining the student council. Today Lisa has a career as a statistician and data scientist.

Data Analyst- Consumer Marketing

Are you an alumni from the Department of Statistics or do you have a degree in Statistics, and have worked with statistics during your study time? Maybe this could be the job for you!

Tre personer har ett möte runt ett bord. Foto: Creative commons 0

Bright future labour market for statisticians in Sweden

In the report "Prospects" (Framtidsutsikter) from the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations, SACO, it is stated that the future labour market for statisticians and mathematicians in Sweden looks very good. In 2023, the labour market is characterized by little competition for jobs, and this is already a fact today.

Qun Wang. Photo: Private.

"I really got what I was expecting from the Master’s Programme”

Qun Wang started with studies in international business in Umeå, but decided to change to statistics due to her interest in them. After studying our Master’s programme she now works at Statistics Sweden.

Arian Barakat and Rebin Hosini. Photo: Department of Statistics, Stockholm University

"Find a company that you are interested in and approach them"

Two of our alumni, Arian Barakat and Resini Hosini, visited us for a guest lecture on World Statistics Day. Here are their best tips on how to write your master's or bachelor's thesis in statistics at a company.

How to get a job in Sweden

Many of our international students need information about how to get a job and career in Sweden. We have gathered such information for our students here. If you have more questions, please contact the student councellor.

Working in Sweden - advice for newly arrived professionals

The Swedish Union for academics gives advice to newly arrived academics in Sweden.

This is Statistics

American Statistical Association informs on Statistics, studies, research and careers.


Join our own Alumni group

The Department of Statistics has a group in the Stockholm university alumni network. Join us to broaden your network!


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