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Statistical consulting for researchers and PhD candidates in the human sciences

Are you a researcher within the human sciences (faculties of Humanities, Law and Social Sciences) and need help with qustions about your quantitative analysis? Our researchers are here for you!

How to make surveys cheaper and better

Let’s say that a survey company would like to make a poll about the upcoming American election. How do they go about it? The goal for them would be to make the survey both cheaper and better. To make the survey more cost efficient, it is important to know if it is possible to reduce the sample size in the survey without increasing the errors. Edgar Bueno, doctoral student, researches a method to do that.

Porträttbild på Frank Miller. Foto: Statistiska institutionen

Frank Miller has been promoted to professor!

Congratulations Frank Miller, on being awarded the title of Professor by the Stockholm University!

Teacher of the year 2020!

Jessica Franzén, Department of Statistics, wins The Award for Good Teaching 2020 at Stockholm University.

Statistician top job of the year!

The number one best business job: Statistician. This is the result of the U.S. News & World Report’s annual jobs ranking, where statisticians also are in the absolute top of the 100 best jobs.


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