This program is aimed at those interested in an international career and who wants to deepen their knowledge about how companies and politics affect each other. The program covers a wide range of subject areas, with a focus on business administration as the main field of study. The program combines business administration with studies in political science, economic history and international political economy.

You will take undergraduate courses in business administration in four areas: marketing, accounting, finance and management. In addition, you will study courses that are directly linked to the global economy, focusing on political science, economic history and international political economy.

Programme outline

Semester 1: Introduction to Business Studies, 30 ECTS
Semester2: Global Business Studies, 30 ECTS
Semester 3: Economic History and International Political Economy, 30 ECTS
Semester 4: Political Science, 30 ECTS
Semester 5: Elective Courses, 30 ECTS
Semester 6: Specialization including a Bachelor´s theses, 30 ECTS

The program is based on a variety of humanities and social-science perspectives that enable problematisation and critical/creative analyses of various phenomena, trends and changes in modern society, culture and business life, thereby creating an understanding of how we, in interaction with these phenomena and processes, are shaped as thinking, feeling and acting human beings.

Upon completion of the program you will be eligible for master’s programs in Business Administration, should you decide to continue your studies. All courses are given in English and the program is hosted by Stockholm Business School and offered in collaboration with the Department of Political Science and the Department of Economic History.