Scholarships and Student aid

Student aid is granted for students admitted to the exchange programme, provided you meet the requirements to receive student aid in Sweden. CSN publishes a list of the study amounts each year.

Students going on exchange through an Erasmus agreement will receive an Erasmus grant. In order to receive the grant, you must apply for the Erasmus scholarship and take a language exam before departing for your exchange semester, and upon your return to Stockholm. Information about the Erasmus scholarship and the application forms are available on the Stockholm University web page.

If you are admitted to an exchange semeter within the NOREK network (in the Nordic countries) you can receive the NOREK scholarship. Information will be provided to students who are selected for the NOREK network. 

The size of the Erasmus and NOREK scholarships varies from year to year.

See Stockholm University's website for additional scholarships that students at SU may seek.


Some of our partner universities provide accommodation for exchange students, but not all. If the accommodation is offered, it might be the dorm room, apartment, or room with a local family that apply; it varies greatly among the different universities. You get more information on the specific living situation of your university when you get a placement. Many of our partners have also information about accommodation on their websites.

The journey

You are responsible for planning and paying for the trip to the country. You can apply to CSN for a supplementary loan for travel expenses.

Important documents to bring

  •   Letter of Admission from the host university.
  •   Learning Agreement, which is an agreement between you and SBS about which courses you should study at the host universities. Read more here.
  •     Certificates of funding from CSN (form 5514W) or your bank.
  •     Kammarkollegiet insurance card, you get this from the international coordinator.
  •     European health insurance card. The card can be ordered from Försäkringskassan.
  •     Kammarkollegiet "Insurance Certificate" - Student UT.
  •     Valid passport. Make sure your passport is valid for the duration of their stay abroad.
  •     Visa, if appropriate.
  •     Passport photos. Some universities require that you have a number of passport photos. These photos must be of the type and in the format that the university indicates, it is unfortunately not print images yourself at home.