The Office of International Affairs bases the selection of students to the exchange prorgamme on the following criteria:

  • The first factor is through a point system: points for grades: A= 5, B= 4, C= 3, D= 2, E= 1. Points are also awarded for accredited extra-curriculars please see below.


  • Letter of motivation: if two students' grades and points are equal, the motivation letter is the second factor taken into consideration. The motivation letter should emphasize on why you want to go abroad, personal/academic/professional goals, and/or your first-hand choice.


  • Extracurricular activities within the SBS Student Association (Föreningen Ekonomerna -FEST) can give you three (3) extra points when applying for the student exchange program. If you are awarded three (3) extra points by FEST then this certificate should be included to the student exchange application.

The SBS Student Association (FEST) has established guidelines in conjunction with the Office of International Affairs about the requirements for acquiring extra points. The criterion for earning bonus points can be found on the website  of the student association (FEST).

Note! The partner universities can sometimes have their own special requriments which can affect the selection process.