The Nasdaq Nordic Foundation has awarded funding to three research projects at SBS:

  • Fatemeh Aramian and Lars Nordén received 297 500 kr for a project that investigates the role of single-dealer platforms (known as Systematic Internalizers, SIs) run by high-frequency traders (HFTs') in equity markets. The aim is to investigate how the Sis influence profits, inventory management behavior, liquidity provision on public exchanges, and ultimately, market quality.
  • Anqi Liu received 575 000 kr for research on how different trading venues contribute to price discovery in securities that are traded in traditional exchanges, over-the-counter markets, and in dark pools. The grant will fund a one-year post-doc at SBS for Anqi, who is due to graduate with a PhD from University of Sydney this year.
  • Caihong Xu and Ai Jun Hou received 200 000 kr for a project that develops new techniques to study the determinants of the long- and short-term risk spillovers in global equity markets. In addition, Caihong and Ai Jun investigate why bond yield curves comove across countries.

Furthermore, SBS Finance received 200 000 kr from Svenska Fondhandlareföreningens Understödsfond. The grant will be used to promote the interest for financial market structure among researcher and students, and to facilitate the discussion on current market structure issues between academics, regulators and industry participants.