Consumption plays a pivotal role in most of the everyday practices carried out in contemporary society and this, of course, also includes the consumption involved in child care. Although the Swedish state has long propagated for gender equality, women still take the main responsibility for most of the childcare, the household and the consumption associated with it. Fatherhood is, however, in a state of flux and men’s activities in the home have increased over the years. Still, many consider that the development is too slow and men’s nurturing is a hot political topic. With some interesting exceptions of studies based in a North American context we still know relatively little about men’s childcare and associated consumption on an everyday basis – a practice that presumably will have a strong impact on our society in the future and where some of the forerunners can be found among single fathers.

Project time: 2014-2016

Funding: 460.000 SEK, Anna Ahlström and Ellen Terserus Foundation

Photo: iStock

Susanna Molander